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Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration is not painting you Ceilings but the process of cleaning and restoring them to a like NEW CONDITION.


Ceiling Cleaning versus ceiling coating why you are ruining your expensive ceiling instead of Cleaning.

We here at Caruso Care, Inc. - National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network believe that you should always have your ceiling professionally cleaned, and maintain them for years to come, and they, the ceiling painters/coating industry, they have a different philosophy, theirs is to put paint/coating on your expensive ceiling system, and WE THINK this is WRONG....

Why wouldn't you simply call a ceiling
cleaning professional and have it cleaned?

You don't call a painter/coater to paint your carpeting; you call a Professional Carpet Cleaner, so why would you paint/coat your ceilings? Imagine the paint/coating after it was sprayed on your carpeting. How long would it stay clean, the same is for the painting/coating of an acoustical ceiling, how long do you expect it to say clean.

The reason you don't paint/coat our carpets is the same reason as our ceilings, because you want to be able to clean it in the future, and since both the carpet and the ceiling are cleanable surfaces, why would you paint/coat it, the same is true, for a lot of things, just think about it.

 Save thousands of dollars over ceiling replacement using our RIPP Program (Recycling-In-Place Program).


Clean your acoustical ceilings, don't paint or coat your ceilings.

The National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network can clean the ceiling grid, tile, diffusers, sprinkler heads, speaker grills, to a like new condition, 99% of the time.

Have your ceilings cleaned and restored by experts that know ceiling cleaning & ceiling restoration.

Since 1987, we have cleaned ceilings for Fortune 500 Companies, Large Retailers and large facility owners with millions of square feet, and we can tell you, that there has been very few cases, where the ceiling could not be restored through our exclusive ceiling cleaning techniques and products, so call us first and let us help you determine your options.

The most expensive part of your ceiling system is when it is first installed.

Notice the coating guy spraying right over the dirt on the ceiling and not cleaning the ceiling first.The T-Bar Grid System is the most expensive part of your ceilings.  So why would you ruin it?  When it can be cleaned over and over again.

You just put in a new ceiling, why would you coat/paint it?  You know that your ceiling is going to get dirty and need some maintenance. Just because your ceiling is dirty is no reason to paint or coat your entire ceiling sysytem. Ok let’s say your ceiling tiles are really bad, OK, that's still no reason to paint your ceiling. Why Not, Clean your grids (T-Bar), diffusers, speaker grills, and other items on the ceiling and replace the tile, which is still a better choice, than ruining your ceiling system for the future.    

Don't coat your ceiling by spraying right over the dirt.



Do you think the dirt and pullutants are going to bleed back through?  Sure it is.  But, by that time, the coating/painting guy is going to be long gone and you are going to be left with a serious problem.   



Why would you paint/coat your diffusers, sprinklers, speaker grills?

These items make up you ceiling system and can be professionally cleaned to look like new.

Once you choose to paint/coat your ceilings, in our opinion, you just committed to a process that has a short term solution to a long term problem. The Problem is, that the ceiling is still going to get dirty at the same rate that it did before the painting/coating of the ceiling, so maintenance of your ceiling should always be a concern.

We can tell you from experience that maintaining a paint/coated ceiling instead of the original acoustical ceiling that the manufacture designed, is going to be a problem, if not impossible. And your only other option is going to be to paint it again, and by that time your ceilings is going to look even more monochromatic and drywall like in appearance.

Stop, don't paint over dirty acoustical ceiling tiles.

Notice how the Coating Guy is spraying right over the dirty ceiling with his coating and never bothers to cleaning the ceiling first.

Negative Effects Associated with
Painting/Coating Acoustical Ceilings

Below explains in detail the negative affects associated with painting/coating ceilings.

Don't coat or paint your acoustical ceilings.Don't Coat or Paint your Ceiling, and we can tell you why?

*Painting...Coating...Resurfacing: A dictionary yields the definition of paint as: "...a liquid or paste consisting of a suspension of a pigment in oil or water, etc....". Some points to consider:

The stating of acoustical ceiling tile "painting" as a process of "coating" or "resurfacing" is an exercise in semantics. Our dictionary defines "coating" as, "...a covering (e.g. of paint, etc.)...". This word-play is exemplified by products (commonly used by so-called "Ceiling Cleaners") in aerosol cans (used to "touch up" acoustical tile) known as "tile restorer" (aka, "spray paint").

Our standard information pack includes a letter from Armstrong warning of very real concerns surrounding the painting of acoustical ceiling tile. From a standpoint of possible violation of fire codes (and the resultant endangering of employees and customers) to the diminution of manufacturer's acoustical values, the painting of acoustical tiles is a practice that simply makes no sense.

While non-bridging coatings that have been designed specifically for application to acoustical ceiling tile are not uniform as to ingredients, many contain titanium as a whitener. As a result, the application of these coatings will affect the future maintenance.  When they coat your ceiling they are using a white than white color which might lookYou will never match coated/painted tiles to new ceiling tiles manufactured by the ceiling tile manufacturers. good when it's first coated, but when you start to replace damaged tiles with a new manufactured tile, THEY DON'T MATCH, and will leave you with a ceiling that is checkboard, worst yet, is not that you have a whiter than white ceiling tile around your diffusers, the dirt will show up even worst than before, and because it a pigment and non-bridging product the dirt will simply embedded it's self into the tile and make maintenance almost impossible.  Now image, that your cleaning crew has to tackle the impossible task of cleaning whiter than white surface that has dirt embedded into it.  It's not going to be long before those tiles surrounding the diffusers will need to be replaced.  Once you replace those tiles around the diffusers, now what do you have?  That's right a diffuser area that is standing out from the rest of the ceiling making it now more noticable then ever before.  Coating a ceiling is not more than a cover up, and will be a short term fix for a long term maintenance problem of how to maintain your acoustical ceilings.

It is typical of store planners and designers to seek a more muted, "intimate" ambiance in shopping areas (especially in more up-scale department stores, for example) and such an increase in brightness may be in direct contradiction to original design imperatives.

Although self evident to most facilities managers, it is still worth noting the affect of painting/coating to the overall appearance of a typical acoustical ceiling, in most acoustical ceiling installations, there is an attempt to please the eye with the contrast between the ceiling grid and the acoustical tiles within the grid system. This is often achieved with a grid that is a different color than the acoustical tile or, if both are white, with a grid that is of a different shade or hue than the acoustical tile.

This dynamic can perhaps be best appreciated by asking the (facilities design) question, "Why acoustical ceilings - versus painted drywall?" Why, indeed? Normally, the answer is an easy one - because the acoustical ceiling is more attractive (at a greater initial cost - and greater maintenance cost) and therefore more desirable than the drywall. This being the case, it obviously makes no sense to suffer the expense of the acoustical tile ceiling only to later render its appearance more "drywall-like" by the application of a coating that causes a monochromatic effect.

Think about it, why would the ceiling tile manufacture, specify a non-porous ceiling surface (tile) along with non-porous grids, diffusers, etc. only, to have painters/coating Company’s, ruin your ceiling. Manufactures have spent year’s worth of research and development as it relates to acoustical ceilings in kitchen and food preparation areas and today are designed with all kinds of other benefits that have to due with the reason they used non-porous Vinyl Clad tile that is specifically designed today. The reason for us is clear if you coat or paint a non-porous ceiling tile, it now become a porous tile and breeding ground for Bacteria and Mold. Just think about it.

And to top it off, most of them are using KILT's as a stain blocker so that the stain won't bleed through. So, now the painter/coating companies are going to tell you how great the coating is that they are using, only to have all the benefits according to them, voided because of the KILT's.

The painting/coating of the ceiling system to include both grids and tiles will obviously cause the integrity of the grid/tile contrast to be lost and a blending of both grid and tile to a monochromatic state that is less pleasing to the eye.

A point of clarification as it relates to cleaning and coating. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find painting contractors literally painting "everything in sight" when contracted to "coat" an acoustical tile ceiling. Paint is applied to (not only) grids and tiles, but is also applied to diffusers, speaker grills and, in some cases, even sprinkler heads. This painting of diffusers, etc., makes future maintenance more difficult if not impossible, e.g., painted diffusers have a tendency to flake and peel (given time - and heat) if not before, then certainly after attempts at cleaning of same. Today, our kitchens are now starting to use aluminum grids (T-Bars). Certainly you’re not going to ruin this expensive ceiling system by putting paint or coating on it. Certainly not! These components of the ceiling (grids(T-Bar), diffusers, speaker grills, sprinkler heads, exit signs and lights can all be professional cleaned over and over again and when it comes time for changing your ceiling tile to a newer style during remodel, you haven't ruined your grid system by painting or coating your ceilings. Your ceiling system is the most expensive part of your construction of the ceiling; don't ruin it, by paining/coating it. By Painting or Coating your ceiling system, will cause you to have to remove the entire ceiling, grids and all. With maintaining your ceilings using our methods, your ceiling system including the ceiling tile, will stay clean and bright for years to come, and, if for whatever reason you want to change the tile style/type, the rest of your ceiling system, is ready to go, there's no need to replace the rest of the system, because it looks good. Just think how much money you will save when it comes time to answer that long awaited question, was it worth it to paint/coat your ceiling when you have to pay the bill for the total ceiling system replacement.

Cleaning your acoustical ceilings first by using a professional ceiling cleaning & restoration expert.

Although facilities managers have sometimes been misled to consider a question of cleaning versus coating, the question is fallacious. The more accurate question should be, "Cleaning versus Cleaning and Coating", since in those rare cases where coating is recommended (normally, where a ceiling has been painted/coated since its installation), it is always prudent to professionally clean the acoustical tile surface prior to the application of any coating.

Unfortunately (for the customer), the imprudence of coating (without attendant and prior cleaning of grids and acoustical tile surfaces) as an option becomes evident days, weeks, or months later - when pollutants extant on and in the acoustical tile eventually "bleed through" the coating, creating a problem worse than that which prevailed before coating.

I would like you to think about this, if the ceiling tile manufactures had intended on the ceiling tile in the kitchens and food preparation area's to be a painted/coated tile, why would they specify a vinyl tile to begin with, and why would you paint it or coat it?

The answer is clear, they wouldn't. And you shouldn't paint or coat your ceilings, think of the possibility of breeding mold and spores on the painted surface. You add water from the dishwashing area, steam from the cooking, moisture from the HVAC, and now paint/coating on the ceiling tile you have the making of bacteria and mold. Otherwise ask yourself why did they, the manufactures, put - specify, a non porous vinyl tile in those area's to begin with?


Don't coat your Ceilings it will ruin your ceiling.

If you Coat your ceiling you will;

  • Spend 3 times more money than cleaning
  • Be sorry, how many times can you coat a ceiling
  • Have Odors and Over Spray
  • Coating is still a paint - e.g. Painting
  • Have a Monochromatic Ceiling System
  • Have a hard, if not impossible surface to Clean
  • Have a hard to maintain ceiling
  • Have a ceiling that could breed bacteria
  • Make - The Million Dollar Maintenance Mistake

Don't paint your Ceilings it will ruin your ceiling.

If you Paint your ceiling you will;

  • Spend more money than cleaning
  • How many times can you paint
  • Have Odors
  • Have Over Spray
  • Have a Monochromatic Ceiling System
  • Have a hard to Clean Surface
  • Have a ceiling that could breed bacteria
  • Ruin the acoustical value
  • Destroys fire rating
  • Stick the tiles to the grid
  • Make - The Million Dollar Maintenance Mistake

Clean your ceilings and save money.

If you clean your ceiling you will;

  • Save the acoustical value
  • Eliminate odors, bacteria, dirt and nicotine
  • Save valuable maintenance dollars
  • Eliminate downtime VS replacement
  • Leave the ceiling cleanable in the future
  • Solve your acoustical problems, grids and all..
  • Increase light reflectivity

Water Stain Ceiling Tile should be replaced because they are a health risk.

WATER STAINED CEILING TILES - Beware of contaminates....

STOP, DON'T Use those Aerosols

ATTENTION - Painters, Coating and Ceiling Cleaning Companies - For those that are using tile restore in an aerosol can to COVER-UP water damaged ceiling tiles, or, you are a coating company covering up the water stained tiles with stain blocker and then putting your coating over that, you need to Think about this...

According to the EPA Water Stained ceiling tiles are a possible potential Biological contaminate.

Water damaged tile - EPA Indoor Air Facts No. 4, Sick Buildings, and reads..."biological contamination may breed in...Where water has collected on ceiling tiles..." Both for environmental and aesthetic considerations, water damaged tiles should be removed and replaced.


If your contractor is recommending anything other than replacing the water stained tile, BEWARE. Covering up water stained ceiling tiles is not the correct procedure to insure environmental health. Let’s examine the reasons:

First water damage tiles are considered a potential biological contaminate and a breeding ground for bacteria, since the wet/stained tile came from the backside of the tile instead of the front, all your doing is covering up the front part of the stain on the surface of the tile, not addressing the bacteria ramifications on the backside of the tile. At this point, Rather than take a team of experts to examine the damage (LOL), it's much better to be sure your ceiling is safe from potential contaminates and a safe work place. The correct answer is to replace the damage water stained tile.

Ask yourself this Question?  Why would you spend your companies’ money to remodel your ceilings and have your current vendor cover up this potential problem with some kind of stain blocker, then paint over that? Rather than just simply replace the tile with a new one.

The painter/coating contractor uses so much stain block to hide the stain that he could have as easily put in a new ceiling tile. But the true of it is, Their not acoustical ceiling specialist, there are painting contractor.

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When ceiling cleaning was first founded, Scott Caruso's was one of the leaders, he was one of the first to use his exclusive ceiling cleaning solutions to clean and restore acoustical ceilings for top retailers. See Target and Kroger interview in 1993, about Scott Caruso's and the Exclusive Ceiling Cleaning process used.

We have used our exclusive ceiling cleaning systems and methods to restore ceilings for the Largest Retail Clients and Property Managers, with letters of testimonials, dating back to when our systems were first proven (see Brian Kimmerling's letter from Target) working for the Big Retailers, traveling from New York to California, from Michigan to Texas.

Today, the NCWLN Network has the Best Trained and Most Knowledgeable Experts throughout the country,  delivering specialty cleaning and lighting services to both large and small clients.

By cleaning your acoustical ceilings you can save your organizations valuable maintenance and remodeling dollars, not only will it save you money over the other methods but, it will prolonging the life of your ceilings, while MAINTAINING A HIGH QUALITY OF CLEANLINESS.


 Our Experts have more years of hands on experience and real world application of our specialty cleaning services, providing us a level of expertise that our customers have come to know and trust.

One of our Internationally known
Ceiling Cleaning plaque for cleaning ceilings in a coporate officeclients, recently, following a large project for them, presented us with a plaque that reads: "click on the plaque"

Find out for yourself why so many customers trust their Specialty Cleaning and Services needs to NCWLN, we deliver better results time after time. Don't take our word for it, find out for yourself. We know that you will see a difference from the "First" time you call us until the end.

Remember, looking at a tough Ceiling, Wall or Lighting Project,
give us a call, 877-763-1471, or email us at [email protected],
you'll be glad you did!

"Call the Best" and "Forget the Rest".

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