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Ceiling Cleaning Network National Board of Advisors:

What is the National Board of Advisors?

The National Board of Advisors consist of members that specialize in a focused area of expertise that assists Caruso Care’s - National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network in research, development, state-of-the-art techniques and continued training in the area of specialty cleaning, products, equipment and education.

Sitting at the head of the National Board of Advisors is Scott Caruso.

Mr. Caruso's business management skills and technical background are an essential part of the Board.

Now meet the members of the National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network, National Board of Advisors.

Scott Caruso - Head of the National Board of Advisors

Karmen Caruso - National Accounts Executive

Tom Locascio - Lighting Specialist

John Knight - Product Technical Specialist

Hal Graves - Systems, Marketing and IT Support


Ceiling Cleaning Services for Cleaning Acoustical Ceilings


Ceiling Cleaning National Network Board of Advisors - Head of the National Board of Advisors:

Meet Scott Caruso Head of the National Board of Advisors.

Scott Caruso
Head of the National Board of Advisors

Background - Since 1987, Mr. Caruso's commercial building services companies, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, has delivered premium quality facilities management services to Internationally known clients such as Sears & Roebuck Co., Target Stores, Caterpillar, Roche Diagnostic, Eli Lilly & Company, (AAFES) Army & Air Force Exchange Services, Meijer Department Stores and many others, since 1987.

Mr. Caruso is a certified energy auditor with years of expertise in ceiling restoration, lighting, ultrasonic cleaning, wall cleaning, group re-lamping, spot re-lamping, energy conservation, recycling, computers and software and other specialty cleaning services.

Mr. Caruso has spent years developing exclusive line of equipment, products, services and software. By establishing long-term relationships with the nation's premiere manufactures and developers, Mr. Caruso has established National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network as the nation's premiere company supplying state-of-the-art products uniquely designed to solve your most difficult ceiling restoration, lighting, energy auditing and recycling problems.

Contact Scott Caruso - scaruso@ncwln.com


Ceiling Cleaning Services for Cleaning Acoustical Ceilings


Ceiling Cleaning National Network Board of Advisors  - National Accounts Executive:

Meet Karmen Caruso a member of the National Board of Advisors.Karmen Caruso
National Accounts Executive

Background - With more than 50 years of walking with the Lord. Karmen is a great asset to the National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network. She brings, love, honor, integrity, and the ability to serve others in accomplishing our work.

Her Love for God shines through as she is active in her own church doing whatever is called upon her to do.

Karmen believes that you are to use the talents God has given to you.

And, god gave the CARUSO's the Art of Delivering Ceiling, Wall and Lighting Services to large customers around the world, with superior results. Utilizing our Exclusive #1 ceiling and wall cleaning products allows us to shine over others.

Today, we thank GOD for allowing us to deliver superior specialty cleaning & lighting services, saving valuable maintenance dollars for our customers, and the environment all at the same time. Clean it • Don't Replace it.

She writes the Church news column for the local papers, sings, chairs the Holiday Candy Can Bazaar raising money to build a ministry center. Last year, the first year the church held a bazaar raised over $4000.00 dollars toward the new center. She is currently on the committee to put together a recipe book for the church. Karmen volunteers for Lawrence Inter Faith Endeavor Inc. (L.I.F.E.) the local food, shelter, and utilities pantry.

Recently, recognized by the Mayor of Bedford, Mayor John Williams and Mayor of Mitchell, Indiana, Mayor Morris (Butch) Chastain proclaimed December 30, as LIFE Sunday. Karmen issued a $1.00 dollar per person challenge to everyone in Lawrence County to help the Pantry. Raising over $5,000.00 dollars. Karmen was also recognized as Volunteer of the Year. Karmen served on the board of L.I.F.E. for 4 years, 2 of which was President.

Congratulations to Karmen Caruso for her work in helping L.I.F.E.

Karmen believes in the verse "I can do all things through Jesus Christ that strengthens me." Karmen tries to set an example for her children and grandchildren. Teaching the grandchildren that Jesus loves them and especially to pray. She knows the power of prayer, for God, healed her back when an evangelist laid hands on her and she claimed her healing. She is now able to work out in her flower beds and yard like she has always done. She gives God all the praise and glory.

Karmen is a member of ABWA (American Business Women's Association) in Bedford, Indiana. She has served four terms as President. The chapter raises money, for three $750.00 dollars scholarships, to give out each year. She is also a member of the Fleur-de-lis club.

Karmen grew up around the newspaper, so is accustomed to writing. Over the years she has covered many stories and events. Karmen states "That when I retire I want to devote more time to doing the Lord's work.

Call me (1-877-763-1471) today and let me help you save valuable maintenance and energy dollars.

Contact Karmen Caruso - karmen@ncwln.com 


Ceiling Cleaning Services for Cleaning Acoustical Ceilings


Ceiling Cleaning National Network Board of Advisors  - Lighting Specialist:

Tom Locascio
Lighting Specialist

Background - Mr. Locascio brings over 30 years of lighting products and technical support experience to our National Board of Advisors Team.

Mr. Locascio delivers expertise to the National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network in the area of specialty lamps, ballasts, reflector spots, energy management, and all types of specialty lighting systems.

Mr. Locascio also provides exceptional experience, technology and support for all our light retrofitting and maintenance projects. Drawing on a business administration and marketing background, Tom's efforts insure our customers and service centers can purchase products at significant savings, resulting in a win-win situation for us and our customers.

Contact Tom Locascio - toml@ncwln.com


Ceiling Cleaning Services for Cleaning Acoustical Ceilings


Ceiling Cleaning National Network Board of Advisors  - Product Technical Specialist:

John Knight
Product Technical Specialist

Background - Mr. Knight brings over 45 years of delivering quality specialty cleaning products to Fortune 500 companies across the country.

Mr. Knight also serves as Product Technical Specialist, assures our customers of the finest quality products produced today. Having serviced such clients as Sears & Roebuck co., Target, Kmart and others over the last 45 years. With our research and development of our exclusive products, enables our companies and service centers across the country, a consist assurance of receiving only the best products for cleaning.

Contact John Knight - products@ncwln.com


Ceiling Cleaning Services for Cleaning Acoustical Ceilings


Ceiling Cleaning National Network Board of Advisors  - Systems, Marketing and IT Support:

Meet Hal Graves a member of the National Board of Advisors.Hal Graves
Systems, Marketing and IT Support

Background - Mr. Graves brings over 35 years of marketing, television, and multimedia experience to our National Board of Advisors Team.

After serving for six years as the Assistant Director of Public Information for the University of Nebraska, he was a Television Producer for KBGT-TV in Lincoln, Nebraska and KETV-TV in Omaha, Nebraska for seven years.

Mr. Graves is a professional narrator; he has voiced hundreds of broadcast and corporate related commercials, programs, and promotional productions.

Mr. Graves received his BS and MA in Communications from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

Contact Hal Graves - halg@ncwln.com


Ceiling Cleaning Services for Cleaning Acoustical Ceilings

National Office Staff - Email:
"Click on" email links to send an email.
Scott Caruso - National Operations Director - scaruso@ncwln.com
Karmen Caruso - National Sales Director - karmen@ncwln.com
Hal Graves - National Systems, Marketing & IT Director - halg@ncwln.com



When ceiling cleaning was first founded, Scott Caruso's was one of the leaders, he was one of the first to   use his exclusive ceiling cleaning solutions to clean and restore acoustical ceilings for top retailers. See Target and Kroger interview in 1993, about Scott Caruso's and the Exclusive Ceiling Cleaning process used.

Caruso Care - NCWLN - The Right Choice!We have used our exclusive ceiling cleaning systems and methods to restore ceilings for the Largest Retail Clients and Property Managers, with letters of testimonials, dating back to when our systems were first proven (see Brian Kimmerling's letter from Target) working for the Big Retailers, traveling from  New York to California, from Michigan to Texas.

Today, the NCWLN Network has the Best Trained and Most Knowledgeable Experts throughtout the country,  delivering specialty cleaning and lighting services to both large and small clients.

By cleaning your acoustical ceilings you can save your organizations valuable maintenance and remodeling dollars, not only will it save you money over the other methods but, it will prolonging the life of your ceilings, while MAINTAINING A HIGH QUALITY OF CLEANLINESS.  

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