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National Lighting Maintenance and Lighting Retrofitting Services Contractor providing National and Regional Lighting Services:

Lighting Retrofitting Project
Wright Patterson AFB

Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning & Lighting Services experts since 1987.  Caruso Care’s – National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network will help you solve several areas of facility maintenance, such as Acoustical Ceiling Restoration, Exposed Structure CleaningWalls and other areas of specialty cleaning needs but more importantly, the cleaning and maintenance of your Lighting Systems, bulbs and lamps installed within your facility while improving your operational expenses of contracting, coordinating, and dealing with several vendors.

By combining our services such as Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration with our National Lighting Maintenance Services allowing you to maximize your savings with only ONE VENDOR THAT CAN HANDLE IT ALL. Let us improve the most reflective surface you have by Cleaning and Restoring your Ceilings, while we Clean and Spot/Group Re-Lamp or Retrofit Your Lighting System.

Learn more about our National Lighting Maintenance and Lighting Retrofitting Services:


NCWLN can handle all your Lighting needs!

Since 1987, The National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network has delivered services for the Specialty Cleaning and Services Industry, specializing in ceilings, walls, lights and other specialty cleaning services. We have cleaned, re-lamped and retrofitted millions of square feet, backing up promises with results.

Our specialty cleaning services deliver superior results for cleaning, retrofitting and re-lamping lighting fixtures and blubs. Our exclusive light fixture cleaning products provide us a level of results unmatched by other light cleaners. Why?

Our products work better. Our technicians can deliver better results while saving valuable time. We can clean your light fixtures to look like new. And, in most cases, there is no need to replace those prismatic light lenses, have them cleaned and save more money.

Current lighting technology gives you the power to reduce your energy consumption while maintaining the illumination levels you need to be productive and safe. With economic and efficient 25 watt lamps, you can lower your energy consumption while contributing to your environmental sustainability.

Lighting maintenance and retrofitting changing lamps saves you money.

Lighting maintenance and retrofitting changing lamps saves you money.

25 watt lamps:

  • Can reduce energy costs over 28% vs. T8 and over 43% vs. T12 (See charts for system wattage reduction)
  • Are an ideal solution for high energy cost areas
  • Provide 2400 initial lumens vs. 2800 lumens for standard T8
  • Have a 36,000 hour rated life on IS ballast at 3 Hours/Start
  • Are environmentally conscious: TCLP compliant


Environmental Recycling Of Lamps & PCB Ballasts
Nationally, about 600 million lamps are disposed of annually, each containing 12 - 50 milligrams of mercury, with some high intensity discharge lamps containing as much as 250 milligrams of mercury. These lamps and PCB ballasts must be properly recycled. During the handling of these lamps many break, releasing mercury vapor to the handler and the environment. Solid waste incineration or landfill of mercury containing lamps releases the mercury back into the environment. Some lamps may also contain lead in the glass and lead solder.

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