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What is Acoustical Ceiling Restoration? First I think we need to talk about what is not acoustical ceiling restoration.  The World English Dictionary defines restoration as:

World English Dictionary
Restoration - n

The act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or ORIGINAL CONDITION, place, etc.


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So, if Restoration is restoring it to its ORIGINAL CONDITION or state, then WHAT CEILING RESTORATION IS NOT, is putting COATINGS or PAINT on an acoustical ceiling and calling it ACOUSTICAL CEILING RESTORATION.  How can putting a coating or paint on an acoustical ceiling be considered to be ceiling restoration if all your doing is covering up the ceiling system and in THEIR words they coat everything on the ceiling?  Did they restore the ceiling Grid T-Bar system to its original condition? NO! They just ruined it and covered it up. Did they restore the diffusers, speaker grills and other things on the ceiling to their orginal condition?  NO! The Ceiling Coating and Painted guys just ruined your acoustical ceilings and ceiling systems and that's a FACT!

The most expensive part of your ceiling system is when it is first installed.

Notice the coating guy spraying right over the dirt on the ceiling and not cleaning the ceiling first.The T-Bar Grid System is the most expensive part of your ceilings.  So why would you ruin it?  When it can be cleaned over and over again.

You just put in a new ceiling, why would you coat/paint it?  You know that your ceiling is going to get dirty and need some maintenance. Just because your ceiling is dirty is no reason to paint or coat your entire ceiling sysytem. Ok let’s say your ceiling tiles are really bad, OK, that's still no reason to paint your ceiling. Why Not, Clean your grids (T-Bar), diffusers, speaker grills, and other items on the ceiling and replace the tile, which is still a better choice, than ruining your ceiling system for the future.    

Don't coat your ceiling by spraying right over the dirt. 



Do you think the dirt and pullutants are going to bleed back through?  Sure it is.  But, by that time, the coating/painting guy is going to be long gone and you are going to be left with a serious problem.   


Why would you paint/coat your diffusers, sprinklers, speaker grills?

These items make up your ceiling system and can be professionally cleaned to look like new.

Once you choose to paint/coat your ceilings, in our opinion, you just committed to a process that has a short term solution to a long term problem. The Problem is, that the ceiling is still going to get dirty at the same rate that it did before the painting/coating of the ceiling, so maintenance of your ceiling should always be a concern.

We can tell you from experience that maintaining a paint/coated ceiling instead of the original acoustical ceiling that the manufacture designed, is going to be a problem, if not impossible. And your only other option is going to be to paint it again, and by that time your ceilings is going to look even more monochromatic and drywall like in appearance.

Customers making the right choice by using our ceiling restoration methods.If we can clean your ceiling to LOOK LIKE NEW, why would you ever think about coating your ceiling?

So What is Acoustical Ceiling Restoration?  Acoustical Ceiling Restoration is the process of restoring your acoustical ceiling to their ORIGINAL CONDITION to look like new again, using our exclusive ceiling cleaning and restoration process of ceiling cleaning solutions, products and equipment, that not only will clean your acoustical ceiling tiles, but your ceiling grid T-Bar system, your sprinklers, speaker grilles and more.

These are the actual before and after pictures featured in Chain Store Age Executive Magazine with results from the Ceiling Restoration process supplied by Scott Caruso and his Team for The Kroger Company.

Ceiling Restoration for Large Supermarket Chain - Before Picture. Ceiling Restoration for Large Supermarket Chain - After Picture.

We have been restoring acoustical ceilings since 1987 and have been written in National Trade Pub Articles with interviews with Target Stores and The Kroger Company, we have letters of testimony from the largest General Contractors working for one of the largest Retailers on the planet, Walmart. 

How does Walmart Stores restore their acoustical ceilings?

Walmart Stores Cleans their acoustical ceiling and restores their acoustical ceilings through ceiling restoration.How does Walmart Stores restore their acoustical ceilings, it's simple that have them professionally cleaned and restore to look like new using ceiling cleaning and ceiling restoration methods.  If Walmart thought it was better to coat or paint their stores acoustical ceilings don't you think they would spec out ceiling coating.  The answer is YES.  So why are they not putting coating on their ceilings, it's simple, they have learned in that coating and painting their ceilings doesn't work

Back in the early 90's Scott Caruso was asked to talk to 50 quality regional managers for one of the nations other top retailers and told them at that time that ceiling restoration was not coating their ceilings. Yet they didn't listen and ended up hiring the coating guys to coat the ceiling, years later, just as Scott Caruso said it would be, they found it impossible to maintain the affects of the coating on the ceilings abandoning the process of coating their ceilings and eventually spent Millions and Millions of dollars to rip out Millions and Millions of square feet of ceilings.   Why does the process of coating and painting your ceilings not work?  Check out the Don't Paint your Ceilings Section of our Website for more reasons why, but think of as this way:

How many times are you going to coat or paint your ceilings before you have to rip out your entire ceiling system?

Ceiling Cleaaning and Restoration Before and After Picture of ceiling restoration for a Restaurant.Caruso Care’s – National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network will help you not only solve several areas of facility maintenance, such as Acoustical Ceiling Restoration, Lighting, Walls and other areas of specialty cleaning, but, you will improve your facilities appearance and more importantly improve operational expenses of contracting, coordinating, and dealing with several vendors.

Acoustical ceiling restoration is a problem for owners, and until now had only two viable remedies….painting the tiles or replacing the tiles.  Today, the answer should be Clean it, for a fraction of the cost. You can save valuable maintenance dollars and the environment at the same time.  Caruso Care, Inc. ceiling cleaning products and ceiling cleaning equipment quickly restores surfaces to like-new condition.  Our ceiling cleaning, acoustical ceiling cleaning and restoration, wall cleaning, exposed structure cleaning are ideal for restaurants, retail stores, property managers, health care, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and industrial locations.

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