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Ceiling Cleaning Machines for your Ceiling Cleaning Business
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Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Equipment for Cleaning Acoustical Ceilings, Exposed Overhead Structures, Walls and More.

Diffuser & Grid Polish for polishing and cleaning grid systems and diffusersWe have the only Ceiling Cleaning Diffuser and Grid Polish for Ceiling Cleaning and Ceiling Restoration of your Ceilings Grids

Caruso Care's - National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network can clean your ceiling grids (T-bars) and diffusers to look like new time after time. What does this mean? Well, it means you don't have to replace that very expensive grids system and diffusers and it mean that not only do we clean your ceiling system but we also polish it.

We can clean your grid system, diffusers, sprinkler heads and speaker grills, and there is absolutely no need or reason to rip out a perfectly good grid system. 

Clean the Grids (T-bars), (most grid systems can be professionally cleaned by our network to look like new).


Ceiling Grid System Cleaning for Target Stores:

Just ask Target Stores, we cleaned 88,000 square feet of ceiling grids, in Tennessee, in 18 hours, that's right, 18 hours, they needed it done quickly, so they call the professionals at NCWLN. Take a look at Target Case Study - Grid Cleaning only.

This service also included the diffusers, sprinklers and speaker grills.

You can also add optional services like, light cleaning or light retrofitting.

Here is what your grids/t-Bar and diffusers will look like using our diffuser and grid polish to restore you acoustical ceilings.HERE IS WHAT THE T-BAR GRIDS LOOK LIKE WHEN WE CLEAN AND POLISH YOUR CEILING GRID SYSTEM!

We clean the Diffusers & T-Bar Grids using our exclusive ceiling and wall cleaning products and we go ONE STEP further for our customers and we POLISH the Diffusers & T-Bar Grids to make them shine and restore them to their original luster. 

No one else does this step and procedure and this is just another reason why our services at the National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network deliver a better finish product in the market place.

Here is what your grids/t-Bar and diffusers could look like if your diffuser and grids are not restored using the right ceiling cleaning products.To the right is what the T-Bar Grids look like when our competitors are finished cleaning your ceiling.  Notice the residue that is left behind on the T-Bar Grid system only to have it months later leave damaging marks and rust  that is created by their poorly designed ceiling cleaning products that damages your Diffusers & T-Bar Grid System. 


Perfect Mix™ Diffuser & Grid Polish that will restore your diffusers and grids to look like new again.


Our Perfect Mix™ Diffuser & T-Bar Grid Polish is a one of a kind product that was developed by Caruso Care for Cleaning and Polishing diffusers and T-Bar Grids.

Our Diffuser & T-Bar Grid polish will make your diffusers and grids shine and condition them for better soil resistance to dirt, grease and finger prints.  This one of a kind product cannot be found elsewhere and we are the only one that has developed such a product from the continued practices of cleaning for our customers and our research of what will make our customers finish product better.

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Make the right choice and have your ceilings cleaning and restored by professionals that know how to deliver a better finished product.When ceiling cleaning was first founded, Scott Caruso's was one of the leaders, he was one of the first to use his exclusive ceiling cleaning solutions to clean and restore acoustical ceilings for top retailers. See Target and Kroger interview in 1993, about Scott Caruso's and the Exclusive Ceiling Cleaning process used.

We have used our exclusive ceiling cleaning systems and methods to restore ceilings for the Largest Retail Clients and Property Managers, with letters of testimonials, dating back to when our systems were first proven (see Brian Kimmerling's letter from Target) working for the Big Retailers, traveling from New York to California, from Michigan to Texas.

Today, the NCWLN Network has the Best Trained and Most Knowledgeable Experts throughout the country,  delivering specialty cleaning and lighting services to both large and small clients.

By cleaning your acoustical ceilings you can save your organizations valuable maintenance and remodeling dollars, not only will it save you money over the other methods but, it will prolonging the life of your ceilings, while MAINTAINING A HIGH QUALITY OF CLEANLINESS.



PERFECT MIX™ Product #801 801 Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Solution for Cleaning all Types of Acoustical Ceilings and Walls
Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Solution   
Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning
and restoration products for the cleaning and restoring all
 types of porous and non-porous acoustical ceilings, from hard to clean Glacier tile and fiberglass backed vinyl face tile like Shata & Kapok to Fissured, Cortega and Omni tiles in your office or work area.

Our PERFECT MIX™ - PRODUCT #801 Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Solution is HEAVY DUTY - OXYGENOxygen enhanced green cleaning products ENHANCED , NON-TOXIC, BIODEGRADABLE, ODORLESS AND PHOSPHATE-FREE.  This green cleaning product releases Oxygen bubbles that devours organic stains and odors imbedded in all water safe surfaces.

Made especially for the CLEANING AND RESTORAION of all types of acoustical ceilings (porous and non-porous), walls, exposed structures and many other surfaces removing soils such as mold, mildew, food and body oils, nicotine and other stains and odors.


Nicotine Dirt Grease
 Soot Food Mildew
 Oils  Stains  Odors

Features and Benefits:

  • Low V.O.C’s
  • Phosphate Free
  • Odor Less
  • Non Corrosive
  • Biodegradable
  • Non Toxic - No Sara 313
  • Non Combustible
  • No Glycol Ethers
  • No Nonyl Phenols
  • No Carcinogens
  • No Petroleum Distillates
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Made of Renewable Resources
  • Meets Current Regulatory Requirements
  • No Ozone Depleting Compounds

 Our Experts have more years of hands on experience and real world application of our specialty cleaning services, providing us a level of expertise that our customers have come to know and trust.

One of our Internationally known
Ceiling Cleaning plaque for cleaning ceilings in a coporate officeclients, recently, following a large project for them, presented us with a plaque that reads: "click on the plaque"

Find out for yourself why so many customers trust their Specialty Cleaning and Services needs to NCWLN, we deliver better results time after time. Don't take our word for it, find out for yourself. We know that you will see a difference from the "First" time you call us until the end.

Remember, looking at a tough Ceiling, Wall or Lighting Project,
give us a call, 877-763-1471, or email us at [email protected],
you'll be glad you did!

"Call the Best" and "Forget the Rest".

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