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Lighting Products and Equipment we supply and deliver to our Lighting Customers for Saving Money on Retrofitting and Re-Lamping Projects:

NCWLN can supply your lighting products and services, for maintenance, group relamping, retrofitting or spot relamping projects. From Retrofitting old T-12 lighting systems to new T-8 Electronic ballast and lamps to LED Exit signs, we also have exclusive energy auditing software that can figure payback, energy cost & Return on Inventments (ROI). Call us today for the best products available.

Take a look at our lighting products.

Caruso Care, Inc. has developed Perfect Mix Exclusive Cleaning Products and Solutions for some of your toughest cleaning projects. 

These products include cleaning solutions for ceiling cleaning and acoustical ceiling restoration, exposed structure cleaning, wall cleaning, light fixture cleaning and other specialty cleaning needs. 

Businesses, retailers, manufacturers, restaurant owners and industrial facilities needing acoustical ceiling restoration, can trust Caruso Care, Inc.’s superior cleaning products and solutions.  Our ceiling and wall cleaning solution can restore your acoustical ceilings to a like new condition.

Read References from Walmart General Contractors about how great our cleaning products worked for them...




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