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Since 1987, The National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network has delivered services for the Specialty Cleaning and Services Industry, specializing in ceilings, walls, lights and other specialty cleaning services.

Our exclusive wall cleaning formula's can't be compared, our cleaning methods deliver superior results on the toughest and largest facility cleaning jobs, without any mess, and, with superior results, time after time, after time.

Wall cleaning is accomplished with an experienced, measured approach, consistent with particular environmental needs. Wall cleaning services are available for restrooms, food storage and food preparation areas, retail areas and employee office work areas, and cleaning for particularly delicate or exotic fabrics and wall coverings.

By using our exclusive ceiling and wall cleaning products we are able to remove and eliminate nicotine, dirt, grease, dust mites, smells and odor and soot from all types of wall coverings.

We Clean all Types of Walls:

  • High walls, beams, pipes and structure cleaning
  • High Cleaning that requires lifts, safety and expertise
  • All types of Walls
  • Brick
  • Block
  • FRP
  • Dock Doors
  • Fabric Partions, Furniture and Panels
  • Fire Damage


When you truely need a specialty cleaning team call the one that others trust.








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Exclusive Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Product -

Our Exclusive biodegradable, non-toxic and odorless Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Solutions have been nationally tested and used by Fortune 500 companies across the country and around the world since 1987.

Manufacturing only the best specialty cleaning products gives our service centers the assurance to back-up claims with results. We garantee that our ceiling and wall cleaning products will exceed your expectations. We have elimated the competetion with our exclusive ceiling and wall cleaning products, find out why we are;

Rated NUMBER #1 by our customers.

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