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clean your light fixtures
painting and coating ruins ceilingspainting and coating ruins ceilings
cleaning fixtures increases light
cleaning fixtures increases light
cleaning fixtures increases light
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Purchase your products from NCWLN and save valuable cleaning and lighting maintenance dollars. Nationally tested and approved, using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing standards.

Call us today at 1-877-763-1471 for more information on our products, or view more lighting products, or email us.

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Exclusive Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Products -

Our Exclusive biodegradable, non-toxic and odorless Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Solutions have been nationally tested and used by Fortune 500 companies across the country and around the world since 1987.

Manufacturing only the best specialty cleaning products gives our SERVICE CENTERS the assurance to back-up claims with results. We guarantee that our ceiling and wall cleaning products will exceed your expectations. This environmentally safe user friendly product is the most effective solution to making your ACOUSTICAL CEILINGS AND WALLS brighter, cleaner and healthier, WE GUARANTEE IT!


Rated NUMBER #1 by our customers.

our exclusive ceiling cleaner









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Specialty Cleaning Products -

Not only does it take good specialty cleaning products, it also takes professional know how to apply these solutions. We have developed techniques that have set us apart from the competition. Not only does our products work better and are safer, we'll do a better job. From, Cleaning the Acoustical Ceilings using our Exclusive Ceiling Cleaning Product, to Other Specialty Cleaning Products to clean other specialty cleaning needs.












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Lighting Products -

NCWLN can supply your lighting products and services, for maintenance, group relamping, retrofitting or spot relamping projects. From Retrofitting old T-12 lighting systems to new T-8 Electronic ballast and lamps to LED Exit signs, we also have exclusive energy auditing software that can figure payback, energy cost & Return on Inventments (ROI). Call us today for the best products available.

Take a look at our lighting products.


















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Our Exclusive Equipment -

NCWLN has the best equipment available, manufacturing our own equipment has enabled our operations to increase productivity and saving valuable time and money.

NCWLN has the Best Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Systems.

ceiling cleaning system

Our Model # 302100 is a tested, reliable Ceiling & Wall Cleaning System with an unparalleled set of features.

The uncompromised performance of our Ceiling & Wall Cleaning System begins with a 30 Gallon self-contained cleaning tank and is accented by a brilliant stainless steel finish and trim.

Features: Iincludes 2 self-priming 100psi pumps with Viton Seals and concealed brass fluid quick diconnects, allowing either 1 or 2 sprayers. This effectively doubles your square footage production with a single machine.

And, if one pump fails for any reason, your backup is right on board, ready to go. This eliminates downtime and the inconvenience of return trips.

Security and convenience are provided by a stainless steel lockable door panel, with concealed on/off switches and an inside mounted control panel. Other safety features include a concealed drain value and an on-board tool box with a stainless steel lid. A removable quick disconnect 50 foot electrical cord, and 4 faultless casters rated at 2000 pounds each, also insure convenience and reliability.

This unique state-of-the-art cleaning system is protected by a 2 year guarantee on motors, a 10 year quarantee on the cleaning tank, and a 10 year quarantee on stainless steel tanks against leaking.

Model #302100 Ceiling & Wall Cleaning System - unexcelled performance that saves you money.

List Price:

$3,995.00 - FOB Indianapolis, Indiana


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Model #UCDS-75 Ultrasonic Cleaning and Degreasing Systems.

ultrasonic cleaning system

Our Model # UCDS-75 is a tested, reliable Ultrasonic Cleaning and Degreasing System with an unparalleled set of features.

This System begins with a brilliant stainless steel finish and trim.

Inside Dimensions:

Wash & Rinse Tanks - 75" Long x 8" Wide x 30" Deep

Overall Dimensions:

Wash & Rinse Tanks - 79" Long x 21 1/2" Wide x 40" High


  • 4 - 620-Watt Heat Blankets
  • 2 - 500-Watt 'Genesis' Constant-Output Generators with Sweep Frequency
  • 2 - 31 1/2" Removable Transducer Packs with 'Vibra-Bar' TM/with 12 TD's
  • 4 - Faultless Casters Rated at 2000 Pounds Each
  • 2 - Temperature Controllers; One for Wash Tank and One for Rinse Tank
  • 1 - Programmable Timer with Foot Pedal

Standard Features :

  • Two separate tanks - one ultrasonic, one rinse - 304 stainless steel (16 gauge)
  • Adjustable racks in rinse and ultrasonic tanks
  • 12" riser has a removable panel for easy access to internal generators
  • Two-year guarantee on the generators
  • Ten-year quarantee on the transducer packs
  • Ten-year quarantee on stainless steel tanks against leaking
  • Control panel mounted on side of unit for operating convenience
  • Built-in analog time and hold feature for continuous cleaning
  • Removable transducer packs and generators can be used in other size tanks
  • Insulated on all four sides and bottom with 2" of fiberglass
  • Two removable 1" insulated stainless steel lids with handles

List Price:

$15,695.00 - FOB Indianapolis, Indiana










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Manufacturer Direct "Go Direct" -

Our cleaning products are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients. With our continue manufacturing research and development capabilities our exclusive products are guaranteed safe and effective. Use the proven leader in the specailty cleaning products. Having the support of a national providers has enable us to control manufacturing price increases and establishing consistant quality products that are second to none.

NCWLN has established direct lines "Go Direct" of purchasing power for specialty cleaning products, lighting and light blubs. Whether you need a retrofit kit for retrofitting lighting systems or just need to buy your specialty cleaning and lighting products at a good price. Call us today (877-763-1471) for all your needs.










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Email Us -

If you would like to talk to us concerning our products and/or you need to order lighting products. E-mail for Products at: [email protected]








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cleaning fixtures increases lightlighting software





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