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National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network

Contact our office at: Toll Free - 877-763-1471

Fax our office at: Toll Free - 877-763-1479

Send Mail to:

Corporate Headquarters

National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network

8063 Madison Av - #247

Indianapolis, Indiana 46227


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To Order Our Free Multimedia CD-ROM (click here)

This multimedia Cd-Rom contains interactive information about NCWLN and our services.

Department - Email:

E-mail for Info at: [email protected]

E-mail for Sales at: [email protected]

E-mail for Service at: [email protected]

E-mail for Products at: [email protected]


National Office Staff - Email:

"Click on" each name to learn more.

Scott Caruso - National Operations Director - [email protected]

Karmen Caruso - National Sales Director - [email protected]

Hal Graves - National Systems, Marketing & IT Director - [email protected]


scott caruso karmen caruso hal graves    

"Click On" the pictures above to learn more about our staff.

Complimentary 'Cleaning Survey'

Remember call us at 1-877-763-1471 today:

Our complimentary 'Cleaning Survey' is available to clients who wish to have their facilities inspected by our trained inspectors, to determine those areas of greatest need. This survey includes an inspection of ceilings, lights, wall coverings, upholstered furniture, office partitions, window treatments, fluorescent light lenses, and general office appearance. Through this approach, we are able to assist the Facilities Manager in the development of the most economical and most effective program for their facilities. By identifying problem areas, we are able to help our client meet their budgeting needs while enjoying enhanced levels of maintenance and cleanliness throughout their facilities.


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