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clean your light fixtures
painting and coating ruins ceilingspainting and coating ruins ceilings
cleaning fixtures increases light
cleaning fixtures increases light
cleaning fixtures increases light
Light cleaning services
Lighting services
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NCWLN can:


NCWLN can handle all your Lighting needs!

Since 1987, The National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network has delivered services for the Specialty Cleaning and Services Industry, specializing in ceilings, walls, lights and other specialty cleaning services. We have cleaned, relamped and retrofitted millions of square feet, backing up promises with results.

Our specialty cleaning services deliver superior results for cleaning, retrofitting and relamping lighting fixtures and blubs. Our exclusive light fixture cleaning products provide us a level of results unmatched by other light cleaners. Why?

Our products work better. Our technicians can deliver better results while saving valuable time. We can clean your light fixtures to look like new. And, in most cases, their is no need to replace those prismatic light lens, have them cleaned and save more money.







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Clean your Lights -

Our specialty cleaning services offers light fixture cleaning and light lens cleaning. Usually this services is packaged with one of our other services like ceiling cleaning, retrofitting and/or Group/Spot relamping services.

Light Fixtures, both flourescent and incandescent, tend to accumulate dust and soil over a period of time, thereby reducing their lumen-effeciency.

Light cleaning involves cleaning of the inside and outside of the fixture and the lamps and blubs therein. And, in most cases, their is no need to replace those prismatic light lens, have us clean them and save more money.

Light cleaning will increase the illumination delivered at the user-level due to the removal of dust and dirt from the lamps and blubs. Further, the removal of dirt and grime from the inside of the fixture will increase the reflectivity, and efficiency of the fixture.







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Relamp your Lights - (Spot / Group)

Our specialty cleaning services professionals can deliver superior group relamping services along with our other light fixture cleaning and light lens cleaning services.

Lighting Maintenance Managers are replacing all lamps and bulbs at a period not to exceed manufactures recommended average rated life.

Companies performing group relamping can take advantage of blub purchase volume discounts, with the savings going back to facility managers.

Relamping can ordinarily be done during closed hours or during "slack" time to minimize business interruption.

Group Relamping is accomplished with a sensitivity to environmental issues. Discarded lamps should always be properly tested and properly disposed of at an approved and certified Lamp Recycling Center.

It is also a logical fit for National Ceiling, Wall and Lighting Network to deliver lighting products for large customers, packaging services, all at the same time, by one vendor, NCWLN the organization that gets results.

Here is a great example, like Meijer's, moving into the Indiana region in 1995,

NCWLN was responsible for relamping the stores, caring of over 6,000 light blubs per store, and over 18 millions square feet, and Yes, "The First" to take care of Meijer's Indiana Region, when all others vendor's didn't have a clue as how to service this much work, delivering combined services, such as ceiling cleaning, wall cleaning, entrance cleaning, light cleaning, group relamping, retrofitting fixtures, recycling, and other specialty cleaning services, and they still don't.

NCWLN has provided it's level of expertise to complish a multitude of specialty cleaning services for Meijer's: (Check out Meijer's Case Study).

Services delivered to Meijer -

Cleaning the Acoustical Ceilings,

Lighting - Group Relamping 18 Million Square Feet,

Recyling Light Bulbs,

Cleaning Light Fixtures,

High Vent Cleaning, Beam and Rafter Cleaning

and other Specialty Cleaning Services.





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Retrofit your Lights -

Light Retrofitting is the process of auditing old lighting systems and replacing electrical componets primarily magnetic ballasts and T-12 Lamps, for the enengy efficient lighting components such as electronic ballasts, T-8 lamps and reflectors achieving the proper combination of energy efficiency, maintenance efficiency of proper "color rendering index" for office, retail, industrial, commercial and institutional environments.

Our Professional light retrofitting (see case study AAFES Wright-Patterson AFB) provides a network of manufactures and distributors to provide economical sourcing of the multitude of electrical components and reflectors, necessary for the completion of light retrofitting projects. These components are installed at competetive prices.

On, March 8, 1994 President Clinton signed Executive Order #12902, which amoung other things, mandated that all federal agencies must reduce their energy usage to 70% of 1985 levels by year 2005.

As a result of these events the mandate for federal agencies is clear. For the private sector energy users, there is no federal mandate; the mandate is in the form of the bottom line.

Light Retrofitting can provide savings of 40-60% and more for electrical lighting costs. Your "Payback" time for energy savings is usually less than 24 months.

In many areas, local utility companies have in the past and in some area's still do, offer cash rebates for light retrofitting initiatives. Most retrofitters work with their clients and utility companies to facilitate receipt of any and all rebates.








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Recycle your Lights -

Because of the federal regulations and other environmental concerns, many commercial end-users of lamps and ballasts are becoming sensitive to the need for environmentally friendly, legally sound recycling.

Our specialty cleaning services professionals can deliver superior group relamping services along with our other light fixture cleaning and light lens cleaning services. Usually this services is packaged with one of our other services like, retrofitting and group/spot relamping services.

Our relamping providers offer a recycling program for expended lamps. With pick-up provided to your location, expended lamps are transported to a fully permitted recycling facility with the proper documentation to prevent potential liability.

These documents may include toxic materials manifests and certifications of recycling. Light waste disposal is usually provided in conjunction with other lighting services such as light retrofitting.





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Purchase your Lights -

National Ceiling, Wall and Lighting Network delivers lighting products for large customers, packaging our services, all at the same time, by one vendor, delivering outstanding prices and customer service.

We carry all types of lighting products, from Sylvania, GE, Phillips, Magnetic and more.

From Retrofit packages to LED exit signs.

Working with a network of manufacturers and distributors, we provide economical sourcing for the multitude of electrical components, necessary for the completion of professional lighting projects.







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cleaning fixtures increases lightpainting and coating ruins ceilings
cleaning fixtures increases lightlighting software





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