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National Operations Director

Background - Since 1987, Mr. Caruso's commercial building services companies, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, has delivered premium quality facilities management services from East Coast to West Coast, From North to South, all across the Country for Internationally known clients such as Sears & Roebuck co., Target, Caterpillar, Roche Diagnostic, Eli Lilly & Company, (AAFES) Army & Air Force Exchange Services, Meijer Department Stores, and many others, since 1987.

Mr. Caruso conceived and developed the first Copyrighted Energy Auditing & Management Systems, the first, totally seamless, handheld-to-desktop hardware/software systems designed for state-of-the-art Energy Retrofitting Auditing and Management, which promise to become the standards within the Light Retrofitting Industry. A member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA),

Mr. Caruso has had articles published in various National Trade Publications, drawing upon his expertise in the development of Specialty Cleaning Systems, Software, and facilities services delivery.

Certified by the State of Indiana as a Certified Energy Auditor in the Bayh Adminstration, Mr. Caruso has applied his auditing experience to the development of Energy Auditing & Management Software Systems.

Mr. Caruso's marketing expertise was accumulated in the caldron of the real-world marketing and sales to Fortune 500 Corporation & Top Retailer Clientele. As a "Contractor", he developed planning and management skills, which allowed him to bring together the experience and services of multiple and disparate "Sub-Contractors". This same networking approach has allowed him to harness the people, skills, education, experience, for our services centers throughout the country.

Mr. Caruso's beginning....

The emerging American Business Success Story of The National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network is, typically, a story of individual commitment to excellence and hard work. At the center of this story is a young man by the name of Scott A. Caruso.

Born in Indiana, Scott was raised in a rural environment learning the principles of positive mental attitude and the pursuit of excellence from parents who taught him to never accept his best but to always reach for improvement.

Scott was blessed with a High School Wrestling Coach who taught and instilled the basic tenets of goal-setting as they applied to athletics.

Through the application of these goal-setting techniques and a great deal of old fashioned hard work, Scott was able to win state championships in his weight class - three years running.

From high school, it was a quick transition to business with the formation of his first company at the age of 18. Beginning with $500.00 capital, Scott invested in a semi-tractor trailer rig and learned the business of truck driving. In six short years, he was able to increase the size of his company by 1000% - having ten trucks on the road full time.

Looking for new challenges and new opportunities, in 1987, Scott founded a professional ceiling cleaning service to service business and industry. With the same competitive spirit that had provided such achievement in wrestling and trucking, Scott applied himself to learning the best methods of ceiling cleaning and developing new techniques through trial and error to provide the best possible results. With a vision towards development of a national network of trained dealers to provide these services to multi-location corporate clients, Scott founded The National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network. The rapid growth of this enterprise was possible due to two major factors:

1) The cost-saving common sense of ceiling cleaning had great appeal to the business property owner/manager and the state of acoustical tile ceilings nationwide (after 30+ years' use) was, in a word, "dirty".

2) For the most part, others entering this industry were primarily concerned with the manufacture and distribution of ceiling cleaning solutions rather than to the actual cleaning of ceilings.

With The National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network, Scott approached ceiling cleaning in the same manner that he had approached trucking. With trucking, Scott purchased (leased) one truck, got into the truck, and drove it. With ceiling cleaning, Scott designed a ceiling cleaning system, donned his overalls, and cleaned ceilings, learning techniques that others had never seen. Scott rapidly established his own exclusive ceiling and wall cleaning solutions, equipment and marketing materials allowing the foundation of a national network base - a network base personally trained by Scott and his Headquarters Staff. Our Service Centers are uniformly equipped, with state-of-the-art equipment and our exclusive ceiling and wall cleaning solutions.

In his pursuit of the large, corporate or governmental client, Scott's earliest successes were The Kroger Company and the Army & Air Force Exchange Services. Since then, Scott's companies have served the needs of such clients as Sears, Roebuck & Co., Kmart Corporation, Caterpillar, and Eli Lilly & Company.

As the nation's largest provider of end-user ceiling cleaning services, Caruso's National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network is truly an "American Business Success Story". I'm sure that you will agree.


Contact Scott Caruso - [email protected]

National Office Staff:

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Scott Caruso - National Operations Director - [email protected]

Karmen Caruso - National Sales Director - [email protected]

Hal Graves - National Systems, Marketing & IT Director - [email protected]

Hope Van Fossan - National Accounts Executive - [email protected]

scott caruso karmen caruso hal graves hope van fossan  

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