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safety at ncwln
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Safety, Safety Program and Insurance


Safety -

Did You Know.....

That our Technicians are Certified in OHSA Safety training Courses.

That our Technicians are Certified in Lift/boom and Sissors Equipment.

That our State-of-the-art - Safety Program is Approved by such companies as Eli Lilly & Company, Clarian Health and more.

Our company has never filed a Workmans Comp claim since starting in 1987.

Our Crews have traveled over 1,000,000 miles from East Coast to West Coast accident free.












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Safety Program -

Did You Know.....

That our company has one of the best safety programs available today. With an active involvement in asuring the safety of all, our customers, clients, and employees.








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Insurance -

No Claims ever filed....

No claims have ever been file against our company, since our beginning in 1987, for damage to merchandise or safety violations.

Workmans Comp.....

We care the necessary Workmans Comp Insurance for all of our employees. And, knock on Wood, we have never had a Workmans Comp. claim.

Commerical Liability Insurance.....

Our Commercial Liability Insurance coverage is considered to be one of the highest insurance coverages to qualify for such companies as Meijer, Inc. and Sears & Reobuck, Co. etc.

Now that's protection!









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Caruso Care Software

Software Names & Discriptions



PC or Mac Desktop Software

1. Pro Safety Manager by Caruso Care

Pro Safety Manager by Caruso Care, Management software utilizes databases to automate specialized commercial building services for our safety program. From employees, management and inventories to the most effective Use of Pro Safety Manager by Caruso Care, for the auditing, reporting, inventory, MSDS, procedures, and many other reports automate for you and your customer for a Professional Safety Project.

Goals of Pro Safety Manager by Caruso Care

  • Improve the accuracy of data collected.
  • Reduce operations costs by eliminating data entry.
  • Reduce turnaround times of vendor and customer safety information.
  • Improve image of company by demonstrating a commitment to technology.
  • Make input of safety projects fast and easy.
  • More useful, output of information, for use by company as well as customer.
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