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Products Technical Specialist

Background - Mr. Knight brings over 35 years of delivering quality specialty cleaning products to Fortune 500 companies across the country.

Mr. Knight also serves as Product Technical Specialist, assures our customers of the finest quality products produced today. Having serviced such clients as Sears & Roebuck co., Target, Kmart and others over the last 35 years. With our research and development of our exclusive products, enables our companies and service centers across the country, a consist assurance of receiving only the best products for clean.

Contact John Knight - [email protected]

National Board of Advisors

What is the National Board of Advisors?

The National Board of Advisors consist of members that specialize in a focused area of expertise that assists the National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network in research, development, state-of-the-art techniques and continued training in the area of specialty cleaning, products, equipment and education.

Sitting at the head of the National Board of Advisors is Scott Caruso.

Mr. Caruso business management skills and technical background are an essential part of the Board.

Now meet the members of the National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network, National Board of Advisors.

Scott Caruso - Head of the National Board of Advisors

Karmen Caruso - National Accounts Executive

Tom Locascio - Lighting Specialist

John Knight - Products Technical Specialist

Hal Graves - Systems, Marketing and IT Support


scott caruso karmen caruso tom locascio john knight hal graves  

Click on the pictures above to learn more about the members of the National Board of Advisors.


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