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Ceiling Cleaning Certification Program for Licensed Service Centers:

Our Technicians are Certified in Specialty Cleaning Systems, product and equipment and have passed extensive training Courses.

Our Technicians are Certified in OHSA Safety training Courses and Certified Safety Manuals.

Our Technicians are Certified in Lift/boom and Scissors Equipment.

Ceiling Cleaning Professional training manual for cleaning all types of specialty cleaning requirements.

Our Technicians are Certified in National Ceiling, Wall & Lighting Network National Operations Team Procedures in working with all types of facilities including 24-hour facilities that require special training to protect you and your customers.

We have worked for the best General Contractors working with Walmart and other top retailers with letters of testimony from many of them to prove why they consider us #1 time and time again.  Read are letters of testimony and case studies from some of our other customers.




We have trained certified lift and boom operators for cleaning and restoring high ceilings and exposed overhead structures.

Aerial Lift and Boom classes are taken by all our specialty cleaning crews ensuring our customers that we have the most advance teams available to handle any type of job or requirement.

Drug Free Work Place is enforced at NCWLN.

Our Technicians work in a Drug Free Work Place Environment ensuring our customers that we have the most advance team of trained and certified crews that are Drug Free and available to handle any type of job or requirement.



Ceiling Cleaning Sales and Operational TrainingIf you are chosen to be a Licensed Certified Service Center you will spend two days in the classroom learning how to operate your specialty cleaning services and how to clean all types of acoustical ceilings, exposed overhead structures, walls and lights including other specialty cleaning services.

You will be taught how to use your equipment, the care and maintenance, what equipment you need for each job, and the correct follow-up with the customer.  You will learn to use work order forms that enable you to improve your customers satisfaction and references for the future.

Your training doesn't stop there, today is the first day of your new venture, you will have access to several of today's Industry leaders in acoustical ceiling cleaning and restoration, you can ask questions anytime day or night by calling our toll free number at 1-877-763-1471 or email us at [email protected].

You have the backing of our team that will insure that you learn what you need to learn.  And Caruso Care is just around the corner if you get a job that is too big for you to handle and you need our expertise we will be there to help you learn more.


Light Fixture Cleaning by Trained Technicians

Certified light fixture cleaning, retrofitting and relamping technicians are properly trained in all lighting equipment from lamps and ballast retrofitting to relamping you will have the best trained technicians to handle the the care and maintenance of your lighting.

Trained Technicians for changing Lamps and Ballast for your retrofitting projects.










We use work order forms that enable us to improve customers satisfaction and better service for the future.

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